Do you ever wonder why some people decide to professionally train their dogs? You should not because there are so many benefits that you can gain from simply bringing your dog down to the AYP Dog and Puppy training center in Miami. We have tons of different classes that can be exactly tailored to what you want to teach your dog or puppy. Our air conditioned 8000 Sq. ft dog training facility is perfect for teaching your dog anything that they want to know. Let me run through one part of the AYP experience, the private lesson that you can choose for your dog. The dog trainer on duty will greet you and lead you and your dog out onto the training floor. At this point they will ask what you want your dog to work on.(Remember this entire session is completely about you and what you think your dog needs to improve.) But what if your dog is just generally untrained? As soon as our trainers hear that they’ll delve into a whole shebang of sit’s, stay’s, leash skill’s, etc. And these are just a few of the things your dog will learn from our certified dog trainers. But dear readers, what if you think your dogs socialization is the problem, or you just prefer classes with other dogs and people. Well dont you worry at all because we also have several different group classes for you and your dog to choose from. (Yes your dog should get a say as well.) If obedience is what your after than we have three available levels for you. But what if you have an adorable little puppy that you want to be safe and have fun. Well than come to puppy kindergarten class! Were also now hosting a puppy class for small breeds if that is better for your puppy. If you want your dogs to learn some fancy tricks that you can show off, we have that available too. If you need any training for your dog or puppy we have it all at the Applause Your Paws Training Facility located in South Miami. To everyone reading, have a good day.-Zach-AYP Staff

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