Shadow Dog Training Program


Our shadow program provides aspiring trainers with the opportunity to learn directly from Dee Hoult, one of the most successful pet dog trainers and entrepreneurs in the professional dog training industry. 

When you decide to invest in yourself through our week-long shadow program, you will have over 75 years of COMBINED experienced working alongside our certified, professional dog trainer team. Where can you find that kind of opportunity anywhere else? Seriously!

Our Promise to You 

Whether you’re a newbie wanting to enter the professional dog training industry or you’re a seasoned trainer who needs help growing their existing business, our shadow program is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

During your week with us, you’ll observe our trainers as well as get to be hands on training dogs, learning how to run a safe, structured and effective off-leash play group, as well as learn about the key business aspects involved in running a successful dog training business. Throughout the years, we’ve also had many allied pet professionals send their new hires to us for training! Let us train your new employee for you during this one-week emersion program!


The fee to attend our Shadow Program is $1,800. This fee includes:


5 intensive days of training

5 intensive days of training (40hr week)


Certification of Training

Certification of Training from Applause Your Paws


Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership into our shadow program grads private facebook group


Hands on work

Hands on work with so many dogs!


A professional staff

A professional, experienced, welcoming staff


How to run an off-leash dog park

How to run a safe off-leash dog park


Rewards based humane training

Working with rewards based humane training tools and techniques


Business assistance

Business startup (or makeover!) assistance


Anything YOU want

Anything else YOU want to know more about, just let us know!

 Topics Covered

Throughout your days of shadowing, your mentor trainers will cover different styles of training as well as implementation of certain techniques such as:

  • Clicker Training
  • Building engagement
  • Shaping
  • Luring
  • Appropriate reward selection
  • Leash handling techniques
  • And so much more!


Dog Body Language Assessment

In addition, you will be taught to observe canine body language. Dogs have subtle ways of expressing their preferences and comfort levels, knowing how to assess this will give you a better understanding of how to communicate with dogs. It will also allow you to gauge when certain techniques (even if presumed to be gentle) might be viewed as aversive to the animal in question.


You Pick Your Shadowing Week

We can accommodate a shadow program 52 weeks a year. You pick the week! Did we mention we’re in sunny, Miami Florida!? Our canine training center is located right at the heart of Miami Dade County, which means that you’re only a quick hop and skip to all the things Miami has to offer to visitors. Make sure to stay a few extra days if you travel from out of state to join our program.


Your Canine Companion Is Welcome

Have a dog you want to bring to learn with? You are more than welcome to, but it’s not needed. We have so many dogs for you to learn with.

Our Certification of Training Can Be Yours!

Launch your professional dog training career now with our highly sought after shadow program!

let's get training!

We're ready to get to work so you can have the best family pet around. 

Plus, we'll make sure it remains fun throughout the process. Whether you're in Miami, Broward County or Georgia, we have trainers to help your dog be the BEST dog for your life. 

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