Hi everyone, Zach here again. It’s been a while since we last posted but that’s simply because we’ve just been so busy providing the best Miami Dog and Puppy training around, that we haven’t had time to post lately. Trust me though we’ll try our best to rectify this. Anyway as our posts name implies we have new classes for you and your furry friends! First up we are starting an agility class on wednesdays starting the 25th. In this class your dogs learn to do jumps, walk the dog walks, and all sorts of other things they will need to know for competition if that is what you want your dogs to do. Next we have a brand new dog park hour where we basically act as a dog park! Bring your dog in and let them play with the others. This class runs from 5:30 to 6:30 monday through thursday and the time alternates on the weekends. I know this is a short post guys but we just needed to get the information out there so everyone could see. To everyone reading, Have a great day.-Zach-AYP Staff

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