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Our team of professional dog trainers is here to help improve the quality of life for you and your dog.



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Who We Are

Get to know the Applause Your Paws team and our reward-based approach to puppy and dog training. Since our founding in 2006, we have offered reward-based dog training from our home in South Florida, before expanding to Blue Ridge in 2023.

Our goal is simple:

Provide engaging, positive education, and non-threatening (no fear!) dog training, so our clients can enjoy a life with a well-behaved dog no matter where your adventures take you.

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Private Lessons


These lessons are designed to be fully customized to fit the needs of your family and dog. We’ll work 1-1 with you to ensure the right behaviors are taught, undesireable ones corrected and you end up with the well-behaved pet you always wanted.

Training can include:

  • basic obedience
  • foundational puppy training
  • potty training
  • leash skills (see it in action!)
  • tricks and games! 

We take humane, positive-reinforcement approach to all of our dog training ensuring you and your dog have a positive experience learning together.

Boarding School

Starting at $2,399

This two-week bootcamp is the fastest, easiest, way to turn your puppy into a well trained dog ready for any environment.

How, you ask? We do the work for you!

Ideal for dog parents with a busy schedule, you drop your puppy (or adult dog – we help eveyroen!) for an overnight camp with our trainers.

We’ll work with your dog daily to teach it the skills needed to be the perfect pet, such as:

  • walking on a leash
  • puppy potty training
  • basic puppy manners
  • obedience skills 

Perfect for a busy schedule. Let us do the hard work for you!

Positive Reinforcement Dog and Puppy Training

No matter the dog (or your!) age, we can help.

We are committed to providing positive training for all breeds and ages of dogs (and humans!) and fully believe dog training should be accessible to all.


AYP offers our dog training programs to accommodate every budget, training goal and timeline.


Get in touch with our Blue Ridge dog training team to find the right one for you and your family!

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How We Can help

These are just a few of the dog behaviors we can modify or correct.


Leash pulling




Resource guarding






Aggression (both dog-dog and dog-human)


Dog doesn't come when you call


Begging for food (at mealtime, etc.)


Destructive behavior


Bolting out the door


Obsessions (vacuums, mailmen, UPS truck!)


Jumping up on people


Excessive barking


Professional Dog Trainers

Why Work with an AYP trainer? 

With nearly 20 years experience in the industry, our expert dog trainers have seen it all. We also continue our own education so you can rest assure you're working with a team who has the most effective, humane knowledge for training your dog. 

The AYP team has the dog and puppy training skills plus teaching expertise needed to set you and your dog on the path for an effective training experience and happy life for both - no matter what program you choose!  

The latest in dog education

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We're ready to get to work so you can have the best family pet around. 

Plus, we'll make sure it remains fun throughout the process. Whether you're in Miami, Broward County or Georgia, we have trainers to help your dog be the BEST dog for your life. 

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