January was National Train Your Dog Month, so it’s only fitting that February is Dog Training Education Month. What’s the difference? Well, getting a jump start on your pup’s training vs. putting your skills (and your dog’s) to the test!

Educating yourself about games, tactics, and other methodology helps to level up your dog training.

This month, we have decided to challenge you to try (and learn) a few new exercises with your dog. If you participate in the challenge, even just once, go ahead and tag us on Facebook, or use #traintreatrepeat on Instagram and we will feature you on our pages. This is all about supporting active learning with your dog and we would love to include you in all the fun.

The Game is On:

Click on each challenge to get a video link and see if you can follow along!

Challenge Week #1: Leave it! Leaving stuff is hard to do, let’s see if you can do it too!

Challenge Week #2: Stay! think your dog knows what it means? Try this challenge and see!

Challenge Week #3: New Trick! Better than fetching a stick!

Challenge Week #4: Let’s Heel! Are we for real? Think it’s a steal? Play the REEL!

Thanks for rising to the challenge and taking the time to educate your well-loved canine. Dedication to improvement is what helps us to grow to new heights. Happy Training!

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