Here at the AYP dog training facility in south Miami Florida, you can really just feel the energy buzzing in the air. Especially when we have two classes running at the same time. Right now were having a puppy training class on one side of our large training floor(Oh all the wonderful, adorable little puppies), and a tricks and fun class on the other side. It really is a whole lot of fun just to simply watch the puppies play with each other  The puppies are so nice, fun, and good natured and this makes our certified dog trainer for today, Emily Henson’s job a lot easier. The puppies are just a whole lot of fun to be around and training your puppy is always a good idea, so if you have a puppy that’s a little too rowdy or just generally untrained why not bring them down. They’ll get to be around all the other puppies and get a lot of training and socialization with other dogs, and while your here you get to enjoy our air conditioned training facility and our trainers warm personalities. But what if you just want to teach your dog some cool tricks, to show off to your friends and family? Well as I mentioned before we also had a class tonight that just specialized in tricks and fun, run by head trainer, Dee Hoult. We will definitely have more of these classes in the future and they are a great way to impress people with your dogs vast knowledge. We also offer lots of other Dog training classes in Miami at very reasonable rates. So if you have a dog you’d like to train for any purpose you can think of, either call or come down, and we’ll discuss whats best for your dog. To everyone reading, have a great day.-Zach-AYP Staff

Need help training your dog or puppy in Miami-Dade or Broward County? Contact the expert dog trainers at Applause Your Paws. 786-529-7833. @DoggieDeeva We can help you train your dog for obedience or help you solve severe behavior problems like aggression, house training, excitability, digging, chewing, barking and much, much more! 

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