You may have heard the term “park attendant” get used as you’ve looked at day care or boarding facilities in Miami for your dog. The term is quite over simplified. It’s just someone who watches dogs play all day, right? Oh! I know, its the person who gets to cuddle the dogs all day, what an easy and rewarding job! The role of Park Attendant is often perceived as a low-skill job for those outside of the professional animal care industry, and is often the invisible position to the customers who interact day to day with dog trainers and other front of house staff. Yet, park attendants are literally the backbone of a pet care facility operation! Our park attendants often start their dog training careers working in park, where they have the unique opportunity to learn so much more about dog body language, behavior and training than a facility who strictly offers boarding and daycare services in south florida.

The job responsibilities of our dog play park attendant includes:

  1. Ensuring the safety and well-being of dogs between training sessions while they play off-leash in our indoor, climate controlled dog park.
  2. Monitoring dog behavior and intervening if necessary to prevent fights or other inapropriate behavior. Unlike a traditional dog day care services, we require our doggie students to behave all the time, not just during active obedience sessions.
  3. Cleaning and maintaining the park and kennel areas, including disinfecting surfaces. If you think this is an easy job, think again. It requires attention to detail and someone who genuinely understands how critical maitaning a clean dog training school is. It’s not grunt work, its honestly a labor of love for the animals.
  4. Reporting any park maintenance or safety issues to management. Just this week we had a kennel door break. Our park attendants immediatley had that resolved! They see everything, and we so appreciate them.
  5. Providing basic first aid to dogs if needed. Sometimes, dogs are dogs and they do stupid dog-stuff that can get them into trouble. Our dog trainers and park attendants alike are all CPR certfied in pet first aid. You should absolutely NOT leave your dog with any dog training facility or board and train program that does not have adequetly trained staff! These are your dog babies we’re talking about. We take their care very, very seriously, and simply can’t understand why so many other dog trainers in Miami simply don’t.

We’ve had many of our park attendants go on to become certified professional dog trainers throughout the years! As a company, it makes us really proud to that we can hire, train and grow trainers from within. Even if/when they don’t stay with AYP Miami or AYP Broward for the long-haul, we still feel great that as the most reputable reward based dog and puppy training company in South Florida we have been responsible for growing-up YOUR favorite dog trainers in this area. Seriously! You’d be surprised how many awesome dog trainers got their start because we gave them the chance and skill set needed early on in their career.

Lastly, a special shoutout to Jose and Ceci, our current park attendants. Jose is actually a highly skilled professional dog trainer who we are so very lucky to have as our park guru! You may not ever speak to him (because he’s always out with the dogs!) but you would be blown away with his knowledge base and skill level. He is absolutely incredible, and deserves all the kudos for clocking in day in and day out to make sure your dogs are well cared for beteween training sessions at our dog training center here in sunny south florida. And Ceci? You don’t know clean until you’ve seen Ceci up on top of a kennel like a ninja getting to every last little corner. No dog hair or germ is safe from Ceci. She always has a positive attitude and is beyond committed to the well being of the animals in her care. These two are a dog park dream team. Hats off to dog-park attendants everywhere who are always up, on their feet, in the name of DOG.

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