The Applause Your Paws Apprentice Trainer Program is an on the job training program designed for individuals wanting a career in professional pet dog training. Unlike other online courses or shadow programs where you have to pay thousands of dollars to learn professional dog trainer skills, our program allows you to maintain full time employment with us while learning over a sixteen-week period. Because our program is hands on, your learning is accelerated through a combination of weekly classroom time with a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and daily hands on application of canine learning theory working alongside our team of Certified Professional Dog Trainers and Canine Care Technicians.

Our goal through our apprentice program is to prepare students to take and pass the Certified Professional Dog Trainer exam so that they have an opportunity to join our growing team of Certified Professional Dog Trainers.

In the Applause Your Paws Apprentice Trainer Program you will learn to:

  • Read canine body language as it pertains to canine behavior
  • Use learning theory in order to identify causes of problem behaviors in dogs and develop solutions for modifying behavior
  • Have excellent mechanical skills to get quick results when working with dogs
  • Teach an effective group class
  • Effectively communicate with clients in private lessons
  • Produce quick obedience results through boarding + training programs
  • Train dogs using positive, modern, science based dog training methods

The Applause Your Paws Apprentice Trainer Program is a full time job over a sixteen-week period. Applicants must be available to work a minimum of 40hrs a week, Monday-Friday, as well as some evenings and weekends.

Although being a professional pet dog trainer often seems “so fun” and sounds like “such a cool job to have,” it is a demanding, skill oriented profession just like any other job. Applicants who are truly passionate about helping people through training dogs are the individuals who will succeed in this field. The pet dog training industry wouldn’t exist with the humans attached to the dogs we train, so individuals interested in working with dogs who often say “I like dogs better than people” or “I think I’d love dog training because I love being with animals” need to take a hard look at what this career actually entails! Pet dog training is about working with people.

Applause Your Paws’ vision is to move the dog training industry forward by demonstrating professionalism in every aspect of our dog training business, while increasing public awareness of rewards based, fear-free dog training techniques.

If your vision is our vision then we’d love to meet you!

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