A new year means new beginnings and a fresh start for new goals. So, for this New Year let’s train more! Maybe you got a new puppy, or perhaps your puppy is now an unruly adult. Whichever it is, we’re here and ready to give Fido some fresh perspective.

January is National Train Your Dog month and there’s so many training opportunities to consider. New dogs can get a jump on basic obedience training which consists of basic manners and commands any young dog should know. Searching up a class at your local dog training facility and enrolling can help you start taking control over your dog’s education. What if you have a dog that’s proficient at his basics, what can you do then? Tricks and sports are great stimulation and an awesome way to continue to engage with your dog through learning.

Training can also be implemented in daily life. Are you someone who feels like your dog only works during a training “session”? Guess what? You can use every day activities you do together as a training opportunity for yourself and your four legged pal. Taking your buddy out for a walk? Ask them to sit by the door. Is it dinner time? Work on that down stay and release. Using everyday circumstances to train your dog helps to keep the rules consistent and you don’t even have to set aside a session. Training is life.

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