Dogs ending up in the shelter is a sad thing, indeed. As dog enthusiasts and lovers, our hearts go out to them, but we know we can’t adopt every dog that lands behind bars. However, there are other ways that the community can help. Two main reasons why dogs generally end up at the pound is due to lack of basic training, or the previous owner was incapable of keeping up with the dog’s exercise needs. In an effort to find rejected dogs loving homes, Applause Your Paws actively participates with rescue groups and local animal shelters to integrate dogs into our train to adopt program! The dog can spend upwards of two to four weeks with us receiving all the basic training they need to help their new owners transition into a happy life with their canine companion. We are also sure to place dogs in homes that match their activity level and maintenance needs; this ensures they don’t have to end up getting returned for something as trivial as “not enough walks in the day.” As a community, even you can actively help! Fostering dogs helps to get them used to a home environment and bringing your foster in for daycamp or group classes gets them off to the right start in terms of obedience. Tending to all of those factors make it much easier for great dogs to find loving homes. 

We actually have trained dogs already available through our program! Please feel free to check them out and see if any of them would be a warm and welcome addition to your home!

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