Dog Day School


This one-week day school program is a great value in combining daycare with an hour of training with your dog.

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Additional information

What it is:  This one-week day school program is a great value combining daycare with an hour of training with your dog. Our certified dog trainers will be training your dog for an hour each day, which saves you the upfront work.  At the point you are ready to begin working with your dog, our dog trainer will go over what the dog has learned and what you need to do to maintain or advance your dog’s skills. Benefits:   As much upfront work as you would like done is done by our professional dog trainers. This allows the dog to learn faster, and not be held up by any dog training learning curve.  This makes training down the road easier on you, the dog owner. Since your dog is our daycare, your hourly training rate is discounted because of the time flexibility it allows Applause Your Paws to schedule these sessions.  Your dog will be around the distraction of daycare and the activity at our canine training center, which gives them distractions to learn around.  As an additional benefit, your dog will have had exercise and social interactions with other canines throughout the day.  This also allows us to really get to know your dog, and know what areas that they need the most training. Included in the Day-Train Package:  

1)  1 hour a day of training for your dog

2) a phone call follow-up from your dog’s trainer

3) daycare with other canines for the rest of the day (play, socializing, and resting)

4) reinforcing what your dog has learned whenever appropriate throughout the day.

*Please note that we provide a follow-up phone call during a dog’s FIRST day of camp. After that, you can call at any time to speak with your trainer for an update on your dog’s progress. We then follow up the remaining days with a written report card.