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Congrats on your new puppy! Puppyhood is such an exciting (and adorable!) time. It’s also a critical time for your dog to learn the social skills and manners required to exist as a canine good citizen in our homes and out and about in our community.

Puppies in this class must be between 8 and 12 weeks old to start, with at least their first round vaccines having been administered at least 10 days before you bring them to their first class at our training center.


Puppy Kindergarten class is held at our AYP Caning Training Facility

located at 4423 SW 74th Avenue, Miami FL 33155.



  • Yummy treats AND your puppy’s kibble. Make sure you only feed your puppy a small portion of their scheduled meal before coming to class so that we can use their own kibble as reinforcement for good behavior.
  • A toy for your puppy to play with (and share!) during class.
  • Your puppy’s most recent health records
    • Proof of vaccines: Bordatella, Distemper, Parvo
    • Proof of negative fecal exam
  • Your puppy should be on a collar or harness plus a 4-6ft non-retractable leash


A few things you should know + safety related items regarding puppy class:

We take every precaution we can to ensure a safe experience for both humans and puppies

  • It is required that you wear closed toed shoes during puppy class to avoid any play bites to your feet!
  • The puppies will spend a majority of their time off-leash in class and will have lots of time to socialize
  • It’s typical, normal, and expected that your puppy may be shy, fearfully aggressive and/or scared during their first group class. This is EXACTLY why you are enrolled in class! Class will give your puppy the confidence he needs to become a well-socialized dog!
    • It’s tempting to pick up or coddle your puppy if he becomes scared. Trust us, he’s just fine. You do not need to worry. Your class instructor (a puppy expert!) will interrupt any play between puppies that they feel is inappropriate.
  • Your instructor will lead the class and you will have plenty of time to ask any and all of your questions about house training, chewing, and other puppy stuff during puppy play intervals.
  • You will learn all about dog body language as you watch the puppies interact and play with each other.
  • We trust that should you notice your puppy has diarrhea, a runny nose or is lethargic that you not bring your puppy to class until you have seen your veterinarian.
  • If your puppy has a potty incident during class you are responsible for cleaning up. We have poop bags and cleaning spray available. Please help up take care of our facility by doing an excellent clean up job after your puppy.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 786-529-7833 should you have any questions. We are here for you!


IMPORTANT: Per our Terms of Service in the training profile you filled out, you MUST provide us with at least 24 hours notice should you be unable to attend a class session, otherwise you are forfeiting said session in your pre-paid package. We recommend that you and your puppy attend all 5 classes consecutively.



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