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Private and Group Training Services for Your New Puppy


Whether you want 1-1 instruction or group classes, we have a solution for all your puppy training needs.

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Congratulations on your new puppy!


Now let’s make sure they learn the rules of the house to be the best possible companion for you and your family. 

Puppies are cute and oh so fun, but they also take work. That’s where we come in.

Our team of professional dog trainers has decades of puppy training experience to share with both you and your new addition.

Explore all the puppy training options below. 

Trainer with a hat working on sit stays

Private Training for First Time Puppy Owners

This in-home, 1-1 program is designed to teach you the basics of living with a canine companion.

Includes basic obedience commands, building name recognition, leash manners, and addresses any concerns you might have about your new furry friend.

Our team will put you and your new puppy on the road to a happy life together.

Puppy 101: Everything You Thought You Knew or Forgot

Has it been a minute since you’ve had a puppy? We’ll get you and your new family addition on the right track.

The Puppy Kindergarten Class includes housebreaking tips, teaching leash manners, basic commands, the importance of socializations and feeding routines, and how to correct puppy behaviors like play biting, nipping, and barking.

Preparing for Life with Dog and Baby

Congratulations on your soon-to-be new baby!

Now, let’s make sure your puppy is as excited about the addition as you are.

Our top dog, Dee Hoult, has has been providing dog and baby safety education and training for more than 10 years. 

A parent herself, she is here to teach you 1-1 what it’s really like to raise puppies and babies together AND how make sure your four-legged friend is ready for their new human. 

First Time Puppy Parent

Set your puppy on the path to a beautiful life with you. In this class puppies learn skills like following on a loose lead, focus under distraction, and begin the fundamentals of obedience (sit, down, come).

Our trainers emphasize the importance of socialization from an early age and can teach you techniques for housebreaking and correcting unwanted puppy behaviors at home.

PLUS, all puppies who complete this course will earn their AKC STAR Puppy Certificate.  Each week we’ll make sure you and your puppy stay on track during your puppies critical learning stage — it’s never too early to start training!

let's get training!

We're ready to get to work so you can have the best family pet around. 

Plus, we'll make sure it remains fun throughout the process. Whether you're in Miami, Broward County or Georgia, we have trainers to help your dog be the BEST dog for your life. 

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