Hey guys, we’ve got tons of classes for you guys to sign up for. All these classes are great for your dog and your dog will thank you for them. First up we have a nose work class that we would love to get started on the 24th, but without more people signing up, we won’t be able to. Nose work is a fun sport for your dog that any dog can do, no matter it’s breed age or size. The class will be offered on thursday’s when we get it started for five weeks at 7:00 PM. Next, we have a novice agility class on sundays at 4:00 PM, starting July 20th. If you have a new dog that you would like to teach some agility to, then come on and sign up. Last, we have reactive dog class. this class is for dogs that react negatively to other dogs and/or people exhibiting behaviors such as growling, barking, lunging, shaking, or shutting down in the presence of such stimuli. If your dog exhibits any of these behaviors than we can help. Our trainers will really help improve your dogs behavior. The class will be offered on sundays at 2:00 PM starting July 20th. However because of the nature of this class your dog must be evaluated before they can join. The class also only holds 6 dogs so sign up quick. Also don’t forget that if enough people call ahead we will have a dog park hour from 5 to 6PM. Were having one tomorrow so if you want in call us! We still have a few spots available. – Zach- AYP Staff

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