The events of this year have had a lasting effect on the nation. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, a child or a mother, we have all had to adjust our lives to deal with the current global condition. Being in this new normal, however, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of our old benefits.

Working from home has made it so that our attention has to be tuned into our electronic devices. I am sure our canine pals found this a pleasant reprieve from not seeing us all day long, but everyone eventually gets desperate for some mental stimulation. Even the kids are missing school, and that’s saying something. This is why we have offerings for all of our awesome pet parents during this “new normal”. It’s all of the same wonderful programs you love from AYP, with the precautions to maintain that all important social distance and continue to flatten the curve.

Been feeling like your precious pup requires a private lesson? We have that available through an online, one on one session…we even have a demo dog! Feeling like you want to spend more time working with your dog yourself, but need some guidance? Our group classes are now held outdoors, in a private location where we can practice maintaining those precious six feet between one another as we work. You should schedule your spot, stop by, and join in. The trainers miss seeing all your wonderful faces!

Perhaps you just have a swamped day at the home office this week and you noticed fluffy being overly rambunctious. Don’t worry, we have Day School! The option for your dog to have one on one study time or study with friends has never been more fun and engaging. Plus, we will meet you at your car to pick your pal up. Shoot us a text and we’re there! That way you can focus on your work day and we’ll focus on making sure your best friend maintains his/her manners.

This pandemic saw a rise in dog adoption, which means new puppies and dogs everywhere. If you are one of the new dog moms that’s just realizing what you’ve gotten yourself into, we have you covered. Our boarding and training option will get your new bestie off to an amazing start.

They get to go home with their trainers, so they’re able to become acclimated to in-home environments and create a proper routine while maximizing that education. Sometimes it’s just a little bit easier to have a professional give you that push start, and we are glad to help.

Yes, we are all becoming adjusted to this new cycle of life. As frustrating as it may be at times, we are in this together and are itching to get back to our old normal. Let us provide you with a familiar outlet of services catered to your precious pooch. If you’d like to try any of our training programs, feel free to reach out to our office at 786-529-7833

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