Here at Applause Your Paws dog training we believe in second chances. Many of you know about the program that we run, Second Chance Dog Training, in partnership with Miami Dade Animal Services and Miami Dade County Corrections. What you might not know is that since opening our one of a kind indoor dog training facility in South Florida last year, we have been able to assist our rescue partners in our community through our Board and Train program. Since 2006 we have donated our talent, time, and money to our rescues partners who tirelessness work to save abandoned or unwanted dogs. Yet, there were just some dogs that we, as a company, were never able to help because we simply had no where to put them in order to work with them enough to make a difference for those dogs. After opening our Canine Training Center in May of 2014 we now have the perfect resource to help more dogs!  Rehabilitating problem doggies actually isn’t that hard (yeah, you say that because your’e the professionals! LOL), but what it does require is consistency and a controlled environment where the dogs can be worked (trained) multiple times a day for weeks, sometimes even months depending on the severity of their behavior issues.

We were so over-joyed to see another one of our Train to Adopt graduates, Avery from Dachshund Rescue of South Florida, find her forever home just last week after along five months at our facility. Avery came to us with human directed and dog directed aggression, excessive barking, charging at strangers, “stranger danger (fear of strangers)”, fear of handling and no obedience training. The secret with our sweet Avery was not rushing the process. When we commit to foster a dog in our train to adopt program we’re committed to fostering them for as long as it takes them to overcome whatever obstacles made them unwanted or homeless in the first place.


Remi, videoed below, was accepted into our program for house training, aggression towards dogs, and overall hyperactivity (no obedience or manners). As you can see in the video he is now social with dogs, has great obedience control even with distractions present, a happy working attitude and we’re proud to report that he’s made great progress with his house training.

As it turned out, Remi was not actually dog “aggressive.” What we discovered in getting to know Remi is that he was just really, really rude when he played with dogs, and that his pushy, rude style of playing was causing conflicts between him and other dogs who didn’t appreciate his bullish ways (and rightfully so). By pairing Remi with the right helper dogs (dogs who are socially appropriate but also willing to naturally correct inappropriate dogs for their bad behavior) Remi was able to learn valuable social skills which will now prevent him from getting into a fight with another dog down the road.

After two weeks obedience training, Remi now reliablity knows sit, down, stay, come, lets go (walk on a loose leash), leave it, go to your place and wait (at doorways)… all with distractions of other dogs and people present.

Remi is still a young boy who needs a family or person who is going to be willing to give him the daily exercise he requires in order to feel balanced and happy. He LOVES to play with people, and is social with like-minded dog friends. Remi would make a great running partner, but also knows how to snuggle.

We are so proud of Remi! Here’s to him hopefully finding his forever home soon! Enjoy the below video of one of Remy’s training sessions.

Remi is a 10 month old English Bulldog Mix. To adopt Remi contact Buddies Thru Bullies Rescue:

Mailing address: PO Box 15938, Plantation, FL 33318

Hotline: 305-666-8870, please leave a message.



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