AYP Training Rates


What do credentials mean?


CDBC – Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

CPDT – Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Our CDBC trainers are typically assigned to severe behavior cases while our CPDT trainers can help with obedience, manners, and behavior modification. All obedience training can be accomplished through any of our programs. Our levels of obedience are:


Level 1: Foundations on Leash

Level 2: Obedience with Distractions and Duration

Level 3: Off Leash Obedience


Private Lessons

1-Hour Private Lessons

$95 CPDT Trainers, $110 CDBC

1.5-Hour Private Lessons

$145 CPDT Trainers, $165 CDBC


Five 1-Hour Private Lesson Package (Level 1)

$428 CPDTD Trainers, $495

Ten 1-Hour Private Lessons Package (Level 2)

$807 CPDT Trainers, $ 935 CDBC

Twenty 1-Hour Private Lessons Package (Level 3)

$1520 CPDT Trainers, $ 1760 CDBC


Group Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

Five 1-hour group sessions $120

Obedience Levels 1, 2 and 3

Each level consist of five 1-hour group sessions $120

Reactive (Aggressive) Dog Classes

1-hour orientation + 5 group sessions $200


Training Daycamp (Daycare + Training)

Five Day Program $292.50 (Level 1)

Ten Day Program $552.50 (Level 2)

Twenty Day Program $1040 (Level 3)


Boarding + Training

This program is customized to suit your needs. In order to provide an accurate quote we need to know the exact dates of your dog’s stay and your training goals. To give you a general idea, board + train Programs start at $1,500 – $2,200

Group Class Schedule

7PM Level 1 Obedience


8:30AM Manners Maintenance (for Board + Train Graduates)

9:30AM Level 1 Obedience

10:45AM Level 1 Obedience

12:00PM Puppy Kindergarten


2:45PM Level 1 Obedience

4:00pm Puppy Kindergarten

5:15PM Level 2 Obedience

6:30PM Level 1 Obedience


In order to attend classes at our training faciltiy your dog must be up to date on their Bordatella, Distemper, Parvo and Rabies (if age appropriate) vaccines. We also require proof of a negative fecal exam within the last 6 months to ensure your dog is free of intestinal parasites.


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