We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be teaching a fun filled day of trick dog training on Saturday, December 13, 2014! Join AYP’s three certified trick dog trainers to learn 35+ tricks with your dog! $100 for a working spot, $50 for an auditing spot. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn, play, and have a great time with your dog!

Head trainer Dee Hoult, who is a certified trick dog training instructor through Krya Sundance’s Do More With Your Dog Program will be leading the workshop and hopes to put several trick dog titles on dogs during the fun filled day! Lunch will be provided. Tricks to be taught will include but not be limited to:

balance cookie on nose

balance ball

balance beam
bang game (slam board) barrel racing (go around) baton jumping

body board / paddleboard carry my purse
cik & cap jump wraps close a door

crawl tunnel
drop it / give
fetch (bring close to you) fetch-to-hand
figure-8s through my legs
find hidden treats
food refusal / leave it
get your leash
hand signals (3 behaviors) hand signals (6 behaviors)

head cock

hold object in mouth (5 sec.)

honk a bike horn
hoop jump
jump for joy
jump over a bar
jump over my knee
jump through circled arms

kennel up
ladder work (on ground)

laundry basket (upturned)
leg weave
muffin tin game

open a door (using any method) pawprint painting (with easel)

paws up on an object

paws on my arm



perch work

pick a card from a deck
pull on a rope
ring a bell to go outside
roll out a carpet with nose
roll over
sit pretty / beg
speak / bark on cue
spin circles
take a bow
target mat
touch my hand

target stick tunnel
wave goodbye
which hand holds the treat?

wobble board, donut

play dead

say your prayers

bow head

skateboard (front paws only)

tap light / easy button treibball (push a ball)

wipe your paws (dig)


Check out this video of one of our favorite dogs who is about to earn his CHAMPIONSHIP trick dog title!

Why teach tricks? Because to the dog ITS ALL TRICKS! Trick dog straining can help shy dogs become more confident, hyper dogs become more focused, busy dogs feel more settled, competition dogs more relaxed — the list goes on and on! Trick dog training is all about relationship building, which trickles down into ALL training you do with your dog.

When: Saturday, December 13th, 2014 from 9AM-4PM

Where: AYP Canine Training Center, 4423 SW 74th Avenue, Miami FL 33155

Cost: $100 working spot, $50 auditing spot

Why: Because you owe it to your dog to do something together, just for FUN!


Ready to register? Send us an email at or give us a call at 786-529-7833. This workshop will be limited to 30 working spots, so reserve your spot today!


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