Lots of times new year resolutions bring plans of dieting, but have you considered your dog’s diet? Often our dog’s eating habits aren’t a top priority, or many people just don’t know where to start. There are so many options and resources nowadays so we’ve compiled some of our top picks just for you.

The most commonly fed dog food is kibble. There are so many options on the market that it can be overwhelming when picking the perfect kibble for your dog. Not all kibbles are created equal and not all kibbles work for every dog. When looking for kibble you want to consider any allergies or sensitivities your dog may have. Be sure to look at all the ingredients, there are sometimes hidden proteins, often chicken, in the fats. The next thing to consider would be your dog’s activity level versus the protein and fat percentages. If your dog is more active you may want to consider food with higher protein and fat levels vs a dog who is more sedentary and might not need food with quite as many calories. A third factor to consider is cost too. Feeding the best food you can that fits your budget is important too. We like, and sell, Fromm dog food. They offer a variety of formulas and proteins to suit every dog. Looking for more kibble options? Check out Good Boy Pet Care for variety of dry, wet, and fresh foods for your good dog.

Raw food has become very popular in the past few years. It’s a great alternative to kibble, which is processed but requires more prep and storage needs. Raw feeding can also be more costly depending on your dog’s size and current kibble but can help avoid health issues and frequent vet visits. A couple great local raw feeding resources are Raw Instincts and Raw Feeding Miami. Both companies offer a variety of options including grinds, whole prey, and proteins to meet every dog’s wants and needs. Not sure where to start with raw feeding? The teams at Raw Instincts and Raw Feeding Miami are super helpful and can go over your individual pup’s nutritional requirements.

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Not quite ready to commit to raw? There are also dehydrated and cooked options to ease that gap between kibble and raw foods. These are both great options that provide lots of health benefits without having to handle raw meats, which can be off-putting to some people. With several local companies, a freshly cooked meal is just a delivery away.

Wynwood Dog Food Co, Pubtables, and Yum Pup are all local to Miami. Each of these companies offers a variety of recipes to satisfy all doggies’ taste buds and dietary needs. Wynwood Dog Food Co also offers veterinary-approved recipes specific to common conditions in dogs. Whichever cooked diet you decide to try, with fresh foods and no preservatives your dog will live a more energized and balanced life. Owners report their dog’s weight, digestion, breath, coat, and overall health increase with fresh diets.

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Another option is adding fresh foods to your dog’s current diet, or introducing them as treats. The Combine Dog has a variety of options for treats, chews, and bowl toppers. From beef liver chips to whole shrimp and green-lipped mussels, there is something for everyone. Fresh food can also be found as close as your kitchen. There are tons of proteins, fruits, veggies, and even herbs that can provide health benefits for your dog too.

If you decide to prepare raw or cooked foods for your pup at home be sure it’s balanced. Not all diets are created equal and feeding an unbalanced diet long term can be detrimental to your furbaby. Consider contacting a doggie nutritionist or your vet before switching diets if you have any questions.

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