When training dogs, it all looks pretty and perfect when it is in the comfort of the dogs own home. Now let’s take the dog that is trained in the comfort of its home, and try asking for behaviors in new places with distractions occurring. Your dog will most likely act like they have never been trained before, and do not perform any commands that are asked of. 

            That’s when taking your dog to Group based obedience classes is a must! Group classes consist of more handler and dog teams all in the same enclosed environment working on the obedience commands. The first couple of classes may seem like a waste of time some may say, but after a few times your dog will learn how to start ignoring all the other dogs, and paying attention to only you. 

            Group classes are beneficial to everyone who participates in them. It’s a great way to make the bond between dog and handler stronger.  Starting early is always helpful with dog training; at AYP we offer Puppy Kindergarten classes all the way to Level 3 off leash Obedience in Group class formats. 

            Group Classes are structured by having a Professional dog trainer lead a group of 8-10 teams.  The trainers will usually go over what has been covered in previous classes as a refresher, and then move to the new commands being taught. Most group classes are structured a certain way, in this case AYP structures Group classes based on the AKC Canine Good Citizen Exam. Lets get up and train!

            We also offer a great speciality group class that is held outside of our facility called Outdoor Adventure. This Course is designd like a group class in a setting full of distractions. Locations vary and change every week to keep the dogs  constantly training, and on their toes. Distractions outside of a facility can make it hard for dogs to focus on what is being asked if them, but with a little bit of practice and patience, they can learn quickly! 

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