Lets talk about Christmas puppies!  We all know one person that will get a new puppy as a gift this year. Puppies are all cute and cuddly in the beginning, but it’s a life time responsibility even when they are adults.

Being a first time puppy owner can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing lucky for you, you got us! Puppies need constant attention, training, and care all around the clock. 


When Should You Start Training A Puppy

The earlier you start training your puppy,  the more it will learn because at this age they are like sponges. Why wait for problems to arise when you can start early and mold your puppy how you want. We encourage puppy owners to be proactive and start training as soon as they can with their new puppy.  From Puppy Kindergarten to Board and Train programs, we got it all covered!

Puppies are a life time commitment, and like children, need to be constantly reinforced for behaviors you want. Setting your pup up for success means being a good fur parent and starting right!

What Supplies Do I Needed for My New Puppy?

With the excitement of the holidays, we often may forget what a puppy needs.

In order to be prepared, have a list of things that are crucial to bringing a puppy home. Things like Crates, food bowls, Toys, Collar, Leashes, and Food are some of the supplies new puppies need when going home.

Also remember when playing with your new puppy, they need breaks! When your puppy lays down quietly, take it as a signal they need some rest!

As holiday parties start to arise, we need to remember that bringing a new puppy home is already a stressful situation. Make family members aware to not force the puppy to interact with them, instead let the puppy warm up by itself and take in all its new surroundings.  

We hope everyone takes these tips and applies them to their new puppy!

Happy Holidays!

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