Researching the breed you want is always a must when choosing a new family member. People have the misconception every dog can be a house/family dog, well that is not the case when talking about working lines.

What is a Working Line Dog?

Working line dogs can range from German shepherds to Cattle dogs. These dogs are purposely selected in breeding programs to produce top-notch dogs, meaning they want intensity, prey drive, and eagerness to work.  

Is a working dog a good pet? 

These types of dogs are not meant for your everyday family and unfortunately it’s these situations that we see more and more of these dogs being dumped at the shelter. Working line dogs need constant mental and physical stimulation and training everyday.

We see many first time dog owners get a Belgian Malinois because they saw it on a movie and want a dog like that. The fact is, the dogs from those movies and shows have many hours of training behind them that we don’t know about.  

We see many cases that the dog gets put up for adoption or dumped because their owners could not handle them. These are not dogs you can just put in your backyard and expect they will be happy, if they are not given a job I ensure you they will find one.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for a dog for a specific work purpose or sport, working line dogs have it all. If you’re looking for a family pet, these are not the dogs for you.

Do your research, find out where they come from, what the parent’s temperaments are like, and most importantly, see if this puppy could match your lifestyle.

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